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KAHANI: a story, story of a product, story of a company, story of a community, the story of our planet!

In today’s world, corporations big or small need to understand their own story and they need to communicate it to their stakeholders. These stories are about their operations, their products, their customers, their employees and about their product supply chain. To create these stories, organizations need to understand their operations, their impacts on the environment, and the community. KAHANI provides services to organizations for recognizing their stories which helps them in improving their brand image and adds competitive advantage. KAHANI deciphers the word sustainability and helps companies reduce operation cost while reducing their environmental impact and increasing their social impact.

KAHANI is a sustainability consulting company. KAHANI works with the organizations to assess, reduce and manage their environmental and social impacts while reducing their operating cost. KAHANI’s services target to improve the triple bottom line of organizations by providing these services – Sustainability Planning Services, Carbon Emissions Calculation, and Social Impact Assessment. KAHANI also provides workshops and seminars for educating stakeholders for embedding sustainability to the core of the organization. KAHANI helps companies align United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. 

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